What We Fund

The Lewis Moody Foundation has two main objectives:

The first, is for ’now’, when a child or parent is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, the impact on the family is huge and often life is put on hold. We support families that are dealing with these life altering daily routines of medicine, hospital visits and the constant worry this generates, by funding Family Days and organising days out of the ordinary to lift them and create special memories that will have a long lasting effect.

Secondly, for their ‘future’ we will raise awareness about brain tumours and help to fund the childhood early diagnosis campaign ‘HeadSmart’, along with vital scientific research into brain tumours to understand them better and ultimately to defeat them.


Through the work of The Foundation we get to meet some of the bravest and most inspiring people out there. We share incredible moments on our Family Days, from seeing a young mother with a grade 4 brain tumour who needs a mobility rollator to walk any distance conquering her fears on a high ropes challenge to a child walking the plank off the top of a telegraph pole, leaping to the ground. Families surrounding each with high fives and love is the best reward we could dream of. 

We have chosen specific projects that we feel are vital to the outcome of patients’ lives and by continuing to fund projects like HeadSmart, Family days and Early diagnosis in Adults, we can already see the impact the money everyone has raised is having.

Real people, real lives affected – together we are making real changes and that is wonderful to see and be a part of. Thank you.”

Annie Moody, Co-Founder, The Lewis Moody Foundation

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The Lewis Moody Foundation is administered by The Brain Tumour Charity. Registered Charity no. 1150054 (England and Wales) SC045081 (Scotland) (Read our Privacy Policy)

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