An update from Lewis and Annie

As many of you will now know, it was our connection with Joss Rowley-Stark that inspired us to start this Foundation. We were able to play a part in making some incredible memories for Joss’ family, before he sadly lost his battle with cancer. It was after we attended Joss’ funeral that we had an overwhelming feeling to help more families and try to combat this dreadful disease.

As a Foundation we were proud to hit a massive fundraising landmark of £500,000 raised this year and this has been possible by the incredible support from you, our donors and our fantastic fundraisers that have pushed themselves to new limits.

The HeadSmart campaign has been rebranded this year and we attended the relaunch held at the RCGP in London. It was an amazing event where statistics, research and personal stories were shared. This campaign is something we feel passionate about, and it is paramount to get people to understand what symptoms to look out for. It can and has saved many lives. If you can, share this vital information on all your social platforms.

Also this year, we have been able to fund five large Family Days for both children and parents living with a brain tumour. These days are so important and their impact is instant. Children are happy and carefree, enjoying quality time with their parents, who are free from the routine of daily medical intervention and worry. Everyone shares their story and a burden seems to be lifted. This is truly humbling.

The beauty of the work being done by our Foundation means we get to meet some of the bravest and most inspiring people out there. We share incredible moments on our Family Days, from seeing a young mother with a grade 4 brain tumour who needs a mobility rollator to walk any distance conquering her fears on a high ropes challenge to a child walking the plank off the top of a telegraph pole, leaping to the ground. Families surrounding each with high fives and love is the best reward we could dream of. 

Sadly, this also brings heartache. Seeing families we have come to know well lose their loved ones has been hard, but it makes us even more determined to do whatever we can. Raising awareness, helping families create memories, and contributing towards the ground breaking research to, one day, find a cure. 

We simply can’t do this without you, so thank you from us and from all the families that have been impacted by the money raised through The Lewis Moody Foundation. 

Annie & Lewis 

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