Lewis Moody

What’s your proudest moment at The Foundation?

Definitely being involved with the HeadSmart campaign and the part The Foundation has played on halving diagnosis times for children and young people with a brain tumour is a real highlight. Reaching £1m raised was another fantastic milestone to achieve.

I really enjoy engaging new people with The Foundation and The Charity and raising awareness of the challenges faced by people like Oliver Highway, and all those living with a brain tumour. I also love inspiring people to take on a challenge to see what they are capable of outside of their usual office work environment. I delight in playing a part in showing that they can achieve much more physically and charitably when they work together. Seeing people overcome their fears and thrive as they complete a challenge gives me a real buzz.

What’s on your bucket list?

A lot! There’s so much more we want to do with The Foundation and The Charity to raise more money. Over the next 10 years we want to strive to change outcomes for those people diagnosed with a brain tumour. Challenge wise, I would love to take on and complete the Yucon Arctic Ultra as I started it a few years ago, and have the frostbite to prove it, but didn’t manage to finish it. I definitely don’t want to do a skydive though as I hate heights!