Alan Chambers
Challenge Leader

What inspired you to get involved with The Lewis Moody Foundation?

Lewis & Annie… after I had an emotional visit to Great Ormond Street Hospital with them both. I saw what a huge difference the early intervention of identifying a brain tumor had on the whole family and I realised we could help make a difference by connecting adventure, sports and fundraising to help highlight the profile of the research and The Foundation. I had an opportunity to help grow The Foundation’s family through my love for adventure.

What’s your proudest moment at The Foundation?

Guiding The Foundation to the ends of the Earth is incredibly special and it shows nothing is beyond reach with some positive determination. But there isn’t one single stand out moment, there are millions of tiny moments on the challenges that people don’t see themselves which makes The Foundation so special. Seeing strangers commit to the cause with passion and purpose is pure gold. Selfless acts of kindness and humility when people are in a difficult place, up a mountain, in a polar blizzard across Antarctica, cycling up a monsterous hill, witnessing these acts reminds us that we all have a bigger purpose to fulfill.

What’s on your bucket list?

We have helped take The Foundation to the Northern and Southern most point on the planet, now we need to conquer the middle. It would be great to create a challenge for The Foundation where we have international teams working together to travel the equator passing the LMF baton team to team, raising global awareness of Brain Tumours and how we can help diagnose earlier. Got to think big….”