John's Story

Raising awareness

John started experiencing symptoms including feeling pins and needles in his right hand, getting stressed faster and having difficulty swallowing. As many other did, he put it down to stress until his first facial spasm. His wife connected all these symptoms together and booked an appointment to their local GP. Between visits to the GP and the neurology department he started to have seizures more and more often.

“I seemed to be just passed around without anybody really looking at the symptoms seriously even though in hindsight so many pointed towards me having a tumour.”
In August 2016, he was growing more and more stressed.

“I was starting to go downhill and my wife rang the MRI department to get answers. They said I wouldn’t hear anything for another few weeks. Fortunately, my wife wouldn’t accept this and, through her perseverance, I was able to get an MRI within a few days.”

John was then rushed to the Leicester Royal Infirmary and informed he had a brain tumour, which was then removed during the week. Unfortunately, the operation revealed that it was a Glioblastoma Type 4.

“On being told that my type of tumour was incurable and therefore terminal I made the decision to make sure I helped other people realise early the symptoms that point towards a brain tumour and that is the reason why myself and my family are organising as many awareness get togethers as we can”

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