How your money helps

£10 could enable us to provide HeadSmart information to an opticians as they play an important role in early detection of potential brain tumour symptoms.

"It was not something you see every day, as soon as I saw the ocular signs I phoned the emergency eye clinic and sent Maisy there straight away."


Optometrist Martin Baker recognised the signs of a brain tumour when Maisy Dovey, aged nine, came in for a routine eye test. Within 48 hours Maisy had an operation to remove a ‘very large’ tumour.

£25 could enable us to make 10 families ‘brain tumour aware’ through the HeadSmart campaign so that diagnosis is quicker and lives may be saved.

Sacha, HeadSmart Champion whose son DD lost his life to a brain tumour in 2012 when he was 16.

“If DD had been diagnosed more quickly he could have been spared nine brain operations. The HeadSmart campaign will save other children’s lives in the future.”

£100 could enable us to make 10 GP surgeries aware of the signs and symptoms of childhood brain tumours and the HeadSmart tools available to support them so they know when to refer for a potentially lifesaving scan.

Heather was diagnosed with migraines by her GP in 2009. Symptoms persisted but it was only after several consultations that she was referred for a hearing test. Eight months later a scan revealed an acoustic neuroma brain tumour, which led to emergency surgery in 2011. As a result, Heather was left with paralysis down her right side, facial droop and no peripheral vision. Heather said:

“Early diagnosis would have made a dramatic difference to me.”

£250 could fund a day of research into tackling late diagnosis of brain tumours in adults led by Dr Paul Brennan, Senior Lecturer in neurosurgery at the University of Edinburgh.

“Our ultimate goal is to get brain tumour diagnoses sooner so that treatments for patients living with brain tumours can hopefully be more effective.”

£500 could pay for all pupils in a secondary school and their parents and teachers to receive a HeadSmart symptoms card, ensuring that brain tumours in children are diagnosed as early as possible.

Fay, mother of Luke who diagnosed her son using HeadSmart, said:

”The HeadSmart information crystallised everything. It gave me what I needed to go back to the GP and say ‘I’m really worried.”

£5,000 could enable us to fund a Family Day, to give families living with a brain tumour the chance to escape the daily routines of medicine and hospital visits which put life on hold and create an overwhelming sense of worry and isolation.

“The family day gave us some very precious time away from home and all of the reminders that I am living with a brain tumour. It gave my children time to just be children which they don't often get anymore."

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