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Please donate to support Lewis and the team as they tackle jungle, mountains, rapids and surf for HeadSmart.

Lewis Moody MBE

Former England rugby captain Lewis Moody MBE will go down in history as one of England’s finest and most charismatic players. Winning 71 caps during an international career spanning over a decade. Lewis has won every piece of silverware on the international stage, including the Rugby World Cup in 2003. With his club side Leicester, Lewis also won every domestic trophy including 7 Premiership titles and 2 European Cups before retiring through injury in 2012.

Since retiring through injury in 2012, Lewis has launched his own charitable foundation, which supports families affected by the devastating diagnosis of a brain tumour, as well as funding research via The Brain Tumour Charity. Lewis also coaches the next generation of rugby talent with his Maddog sports coaching company.

Headwest is the third in a series of unique endurance challenges Lewis has personally taken on for The Foundation.

Alan Chambers MBE

Experienced Explorer Alan Chambers MBE FRGS has walked to the North Pole 14 times. He spent 16 years as a Royal Marine Commando, trained as a Parachutist, Diver and Paramedic and operated in Jungle, Desert, Arctic and Urban environments. In 2000 he led the first British Team unsupported to the Geographical North Pole from Canada, over 1,000km in 70 days. An ambassador for The Lewis Moody Foundation, Alan was pleased to accept Lewis's kind invitation to help raise awareness and funds for this important cause.

He has led teams to the Geographic North Pole and South Poles and has also led expeditions to the Himalayas, Alps, and Coast to Coast across Greenland. He spent 5 years training and living with the Inuit Eskimos in the North-West Territories of Canada, and launched the UK's largest education based expedition in 2008.

Alan has raised £6 million for charities. He is currently brand ambassador for the UK government’s GREAT Britain campaign and works as a global keynote motivational speaker. Alan was awarded the MBE in 2000 for effective leadership in constant adversity.


Alan has been instrumental with the headnorth, headeast, and headwest challenges for the Lewis Moody foundation helping organise and lead each challenge.

Wayne Hoyle

Wayne’s military experience spans more than 30 years having begun his career began as a Royal Marine in the mid-1980s. He completed Special Forces selection at the beginning of the 90’s and went on to serve more than 25 years in United Kingdom Special Forces (UKSF).  As a former Officer in (UKSF), his career has left him with substantial experience of operating in many complex environments and scenarios including; close protection, peacekeeping, warfighting and combating insurgencies.  He also worked extensively alongside the UK’s Government agencies to combat serious organised crime and terrorism.

Involved in every major conflict since the mid-1980s’ and held a comprehensive range of key command appointments both in combat and at headquarters level including a two year command assignment to the United States Seal Team Six. He was awarded Queens Commendations for Valuable Service, (QCVS), on two separate occasions for his roles on operations.

Prior to leaving in 2017, Wayne was responsible for delivering individual and collective training requirements for large numbers of personnel in support of a wide range of activities and was responsible for the recruiting, selecting and training of new Special Forces Soldiers.

Wayne’s knowledge of the overseas, stretches beyond those he has experienced in his military roles; He was the first Royal Marines Officer to walk unsupported to the Geographic North Pole, he has led teams on challenges across Vietnam, Cambodia, the Sahara and established a new route on the North Face of Kilimanjaro raising more than half a million pounds for charities.

Barry Newbury

In 2016, Barry’s good friend Ian Phillips, died from a brain tumour. He was a larger than life character that never stopped fighting (and laughing!), staying positive right until the end. He played rugby for Cardiff and Caerphilly and was a total gent that fought it until the bitter end. His long hard battle sadly ended last year but his memory lives on.

Having attended The Lewis Moody Foundation Ball earlier in the year, Barry was blown away by some of the stories being told and shocked to learn that brain tumours are the biggest cancer killer of children, with a child dying every three days. Barry was also very moved by the incredible work being done by The Lewis Moody Foundation and felt that together with Jon, they were in a fortunate enough position to help. Barry and Jon joined the challenge with the backing of their company ePoch and have set themselves the task of smashing the £3,000 individual target by raising over £25,000 between them.

Chris Elliot

Chris had been looking for a challenge that was ‘out of the ordinary’ and when the opportunity arose to join the expedition to Costa Rica he jumped at the chance to get involved. Chris lost his grandmother to a brain tumour so it is a cause close to his heart.


Having previously worked in Data Networking, Chris currently runs a Beef Farm in North Somerset. Thinking of himself of a weekend warrior he regularly takes trips in his offshore Rib across the English Channel around France and beyond.

Kate Winterflood

Kate moved to Bath with her family a few years ago and found herself surrounded by sporting heroes! With her two children at the same school as Lewis’ she quickly became familiar with the Lewis Moody Foundation and all the great fundraising work that they do. Wanting to get involved, Kate took on the challenge of the Bath Half Marathon for the foundation in 2016 and then handed the baton to her husband David who took part in the headeast Expedition last December.


Wanting to take on a big challenge herself, Kate decided that headwest is an unmissable opportunity to continue the fundraising efforts and push her boundaries both physically and mentally.


In real life Kate splits her time between Bath and London juggling a busy career with family life, while trying to keep as fit as possible… although mountain biking and kayaking are having to be quickly acquired new skills…

Claire Walsh

After 7 years working in wildlife television and travelling for months to the remotest areas of the world, Claire has spent the last 12 years as a mama and working for the family company.  On a summer’s eve, with GandT in hand, it seemed like a great idea to dust the cobwebs off and get back into the bush.  Much sweating and swearing later, I am starting to get vaguely ship shape for the adventure. 

On a fundraising note, we lost the most beautiful 12 year old – my gorgeous god daughter Maisie – to a brain aneurysm a couple of years ago.  And all money towards childhood illnesses is the best and totally worth any pain, humiliation and poss the odd croc bite.

Claire Byers

Claire is a geologist turned environmentalist with a great love of the outdoors and travel. She has a self-confessed gym allergy and can be found trotting around the hills and byways of Bath in every weather. Claire also spends a large part of her year with her family in The Netherlands where the cycle paths are wide and the mountain biking is sandy.

The inspiration to join headwest came from Lewis and Annie’s untiring and harrowing work with families affected by brain cancer. The prospect of long, damp, steamy days in the saddle seems somehow insignificant in the face of the challenges these families face every day of their lives.

Jon Rolfe

Along with fellow ‘Headwester’ Barry Newbury, Jon is the founder of two fast growing businesses; Epoch Wealth Management and Perciev Limited (FinTech). Whilst exciting, his life is rather frantic. After turning 40 this year and having been carried over the line of the Bath Half Marathon by his wife (Brownlee brother style), he felt he needed a catalyst to get fit. Jon was totally moved by the video at this years’ LMF fundraising ball and the lure of this challenge for such a great cause was just too much to turn down.


Jon’s secret weapon on this trip is his ability to sleep anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Aside from this, he considers himself an underdog, but then again, Lewis is his training partner in the gym so he’s used to that! 

Brendan O'Shannassay

I joined headeast and aside from one day best forgotten (street food induced) enjoyed the experience so much that I am back for 2017.  As a ship’s captain I have been fortunate to have travelled widely, though the chance to traverse Vietnam and Cambodia and through this raise money and awareness was truly special.

There was a true camaraderie in the headeast team.  The group worked and laughed together knowing that getting on the bike each day was moving us towards our physical goal on the bikes and more importantly we knew that even when our legs were tired we were getting up each morning to raise money for our worthy charity.

With Lewis,  Al and Wayne leading by example headeast succeeded with a Nobility of Purpose and I cannot wait to do same with headwest.

Richard Greatorex

I am not a polar explorer or international rugby super star, I’m an ordinary bloke!

I have served in Her Majesty’s Forces for eight years (many years ago - 1989 – 1997).

For the past 25 years I have changed direction and moved into the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sector as a sales and marketing professional. I have been very fortunate having working for healthcare services companies enabling patients with unmet medical needs, gain access to the new medicines and therapies they require.

I have sponsored many friends and colleagues who were undertaking charity events and challenges over the years. Now it’s my time to take on a challenge and raise some money for a fantastic cause. My mother suffered a brain tumour in 1992, and although she survived, it took a considerable time to diagnose the tumour.  A very good friend lost her 18-year-old sister through a brain tumour around the same time. When Alan told me, he was doing this event with Lewis it wasn’t difficult to say I want to help and do that...!!

Jon Stump

I received a one-line email early (6:05) one July morning from Tony “do you fancy a challenge? I’m in! :-)”

Attached were some wonderful images of rivers and forest, outrageously coloured wildlife, men laughing whilst fishing from kayaks and on research established that Costa Rica in December sure beats the UK weather at that time of year. The purpose of the trip was to raise money for the fantastic Lewis Moody Foundation, all you had to do was bike a bit, walk a bit and paddle a bit, what could possibly go wrong!

I’m 53, work 12-13 hours a day as joint CEO of a fast-growing construction services Company in Cambridgeshire and fallen into that “Time-Poor” trap when it comes to exercise. Back in the day I played every sport going and until 18 months ago was a part-time Academy coach at Peterborough United FC.

I needed a purpose to get myself fit again and learning about the fantastic work that the Lewis Moody Foundation does and the impact it has on those to whom it provides support, was enough for me to want to sign up, put my body in places it had long since forgotten, whilst hopefully raising a lot of much needed funds.

Kevin Gaskell

Kevin qualified as an engineer and an accountant but it was leading the turnaround of Porsche from close to bankruptcy to market leader that saw him, at the age of 32, recognised as one of the most capable leaders of his generation. He consolidated that recognition when as Managing Director of BMW (GB) he led the business to record growth and profitability.


As a CEO, chairman and founder Kevin has enjoyed success in sectors including automotive, technology, manufacturing, brand marketing and professional services. He has repeatedly led teams to achieve extraordinary performance in companies ranging from 7 to 7,000 employees.  Passionate about the development of leadership skills he is frequently sought to reinvigorate teams and companies. He is a passionate adventurer, diver, skydiver and rock band guitarist who has climbed some of the world’s highest mountains and walked to both the North and South Poles to raise funds for medical research.


He is looking forward to HeadWest as, for a change, it won’t be cold, cold and more cold!

Kevan Walsh

The term “skiing to the edge of the piste” is no surprise to Kevan, and just a few months ago after a few glasses of wine with Lewis, agreed to headwest! Having previously run the Bath Half Marathon and the London Marathon it was time to take on a different challenge; the trek across Costa Rica.

As co-founder and CEO of a 14 year old UK energy consultancy business based in Hampshire with his wife Rachel and a team of 38, Kevan will only ever do something where there is a goal to hit or a line to cross! As the only member of the family who didn’t go into the Army or Royal Marines, this will be a real challenge for Kevan to take on, as his idea of strenuous is 36 holes of golf, not 18!

With Rachel, their two sons of 22 and 20, daughter of 8, Kevan hopes to makes them proud and return home in one piece!

Giles Howard

I'm 51 and I live with my wife, my 3 yr old daughter and our new puppy.

I moved from London to Bath a few years ago leaving my previous employment in media behind.

I now work from home, with my brother, trading financial indices with some success.

Previously I have been a director at Rightmove, Corbis, Metro, Capital Radio and Classic FM.

George Howard

George lives in Bath with his wife and 3 children. He used to work in advertising but eventually got tired of people who say things like 'think outside of the box' and spending 3 hour meetings discussing which shade of blue works best. He has never done anything like this before but is over the moon to be supporting such a worthwhile charity.

David White

Dave, aged 30, grew up in London and studied business and Tourism Management at Southampton University. Upon completing his degree, he went to work onboard some of the largest and well-known superyachts. After nine years at sea, Dave decided to move ashore in April 2016 to join Y.CO in Monaco. 

Dave says "I feel privleged to have been selected to take on the headwest challenge on behalf of Y.CO. I am in good physical condition at the moment but I see this challenge as a great opportunity to push myself to my limits and see just how much money I can raise in donations for such an important cause."

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