The HeadSmart Campaign

  • Brain Tumours are the biggest cancer killer of children

  • Around 500 children and young people in the UK are diagnosed each year

  • The diagnosis times for childhood brain tumours are longer in the UK than in many other countries

  • 62% of children who survive a brain tumour will be left with a life-altering, long-term disability


These shocking facts must change. That’s why The Foundation supports the HeadSmart campaign to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of brain tumours in children.

The impact of HeadSmart

HeadSmart is a UK-wide campaign to promote awareness and reduce the diagnosis time of childhood brain tumours. 

The HeadSmart campaign has helped to reduce childhood diagnosis times from over 13 weeks to 6.5 weeks. The campaign is now aiming to reduce this to four weeks, making the UK in line with, or better than the rest of the world. 

This new animation shows the most up to date signs and symptoms of a brain tumour, helping to raise awareness. 

David’s Story

By the time 11 year old David was finally diagnosed with a brain tumour, his treatment options were very limited. David devastatingly lost his life when he was just 16.

“If David had been diagnosed earlier he could have been spared nine intrusive brain operations. The HeadSmart campaign will save other children’s lives in the future.”

David’s mum Sacha and HeadSmart Champion

Luke’s Story


Fay’s husband, Steve, spoke at the Lewis Moody Foundation annual ball about how HeadSmart helped to get a diagnosis for their son, Luke. Luke had not been feeling himself when his mum Fay stumbled on the HeadSmart website. Luke had been vomiting, was off balance, had had mood swings and growth spurts, but after consulting their GP and an optician, Steve and Fay were not any closer to pinpointing what was making him poorly. It was then that the HeadSmart website helped.

When Fay returned to the GP armed with HeadSmart information, Luke was referred for an MRI. The scan confirmed he had a grade one pilocytic astrocytoma which was subsequently removed three days later.

“The HeadSmart information crystallised everything. It made me think about all of Luke’s symptoms differently. It gave me what I needed to go to the GP and say: ‘I’m really worried.”

Luke’s mum Fay after HeadSmart helped to get his brain tumour diagnosis

The Lewis Moody Foundation relies 100% on voluntary donations. By raising money for The Foundation, you can help us support the crucial distribution of HeadSmart symptoms cards to give families and GP’s vital information about the signs and symptoms of brain tumours in children to ensure brain tumours are no longer missed. Early diagnosis saves lives and prevents long term disabilities.

Together we are tackling illness and fulfilling dreams. Thank you.

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