Family Days

Family Days provide a fun, relaxing, and supportive experience for children or parents with a brain tumour together with the rest of their family.  The days give families the chance to escape the daily routines of medicine and hospital visits which put life on hold and create an overwhelming sense of worry and isolation. Our Family Days also provide the opportunity for parents and children alike to meet others experiencing similar difficulties and share their stories.

“These families have been through so much, it's been great fun just to be able to play sport with them, creating special memories.”

Lewis Moody

The Lewis Moody Foundation have hosted Family Days in Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Derbyshire and Birmingham, in conjunction with The Brain Tumour Charity. Giving families the chance to enjoy a day away from the daily stresses of medical care. There are always many activities to take part in on the day, often including tree treks, zip wire, canoeing, archery and scavenger hunts.

“The family day gave us some very precious time away from home and all of the reminders that I am living with a brain tumour. It gave my children time to just be children which they don't often get anymore.”

                                                                                                                         Marie attended a Family Day for parents living with a brain tumour

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The Lewis Moody Foundation relies 100% on voluntary donations. By raising money for The Foundation, you can help us fund more Family Days to support those families that desperately need it.

“The days are so special and each time I am amazed at how needed they are! It is always lovely to catch up with the team we know, meet new members and also meet all the families. Best of all is seeing all those amazing children have fun and enjoy themselves. Our children were buzzing on the way back, well that is until they fell asleep with big smiles on their faces. Each day gives us special memories and are a reminder of how far we have come thanks to all your support there."

                                                                                                                                        Deborah and her family attended a Family Day in Birmingham


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