Relationship Support

"The brain tumour and its after-effects have impacted me and Lyn in different ways. We have been through so many emotions together in the last 18 months: fear, shock, despair, sorrow and grief, but also love.

"Our relationship is totally different from what it used to be. I was always a very loving person.


I used to give Lyn hugs all the time, but I just can’t do that anymore. I can’t look after her; instead she has to look after me."

Dafydd, 62 North Wales

Brain tumours have a huge impact on relationships, often causing personality changes and leaving people isolated. 2 in 3 have seen a negative impact on relationships with their partner and that’s why The Foundation are funding vital support to help couples like Dafydd and Lyn, through the relationship changes which occur once diagnosed with a brain tumour. This funding will also help provide training to healthcare professionals.

Research has shown that people with a glioblastoma brain tumour live longer if they are in a strong relationship.

The Lewis Moody Foundation relies 100% on voluntary donations. By raising money for The Foundation, you can help us support couples like Dafydd and Lyn access these vital support services and resources to improve quality of life.

Together we can tackle brain tumours. Thank you.

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