Chandos's Story

Meet our inspirational young London Marathon runner, Chandos Green. Now 22, Chandos was first diagnosed with a tumour at just three years old but it returned once again at the age of six and again in his first year of University.


Taking on the marathon is a massive challenge for most people – but imagine if you are living with a brain tumour which has left you with many physical disabilities.


As Chandos says, “This is not without its challenges. Training is going well despite the limitations on how much I can train with injury and my physical disabilities. I am receiving physiotherapy, it’s tough but it has to be done and as long as brain tumours impact the lives of so many people I will not give up.”

“At the age of 3, I was diagnosed with a brain tumour, since then I have had a further 2 operations to remove re-growths of the tumour. I have always wanted to fund raise and help in the fight against the condition and impact it can have on an individuals.”

Chandos was first diagnosed with a tumour at the young age of three years old but it returned once again at the age of six. He was diagnosed for a third time in his first year at Chichester University, where he studied social work, and has now graduated.

Chandos’ most recent brain operation was in July 2014.


Chandos says: “When I received my diagnosis as a child, I would not have thought I could have achieved half the things I have done. I mean not every day is easy, and sometimes it can feel like I take two steps back for every step forward - but, in all honestly, it’s the work of The Brain Tumour Charity and The Lewis Moody Foundation that means people can receive a diagnosis quicker, get better support and overcome barriers more easily.

So many young people and adults suffer and live with the severe impact of having a brain tumour, whilst also dealing with side-effects and other health conditions.

I feel passionate about helping to combat brain tumours as I know it is something we can beat. But I know it’s something that won’t happen overnight or without the funding!”

Life expectancy of those with a brain tumour is on average 20 years less than someone without – the highest of any cancer.

By sponsoring Chandos you can help raise vital funds to support people affected by brain tumours now and in the future.

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