Sahara Desert Trek 2024

Are you tough enough to tackle our 2024 trek?

Over the course of five days, traverse 100km through Morocco’s rugged terrain, encountering towering peaks, breathtaking gorges, vast dunes, and serene oases. As night falls, immerse yourself in the mesmerizing expanse of Africa’s starlit skies and embrace the warmth of authentic Berber hospitality.

Venturing beyond the confines of the Jebel Saghro region, your expedition begins atop the Maider El Kbir plateau, then ascends the heights of Jebel El Mrakib, offering unparalleled panoramic vistas. Meandering through gorges, the trail leads to the dry bed of the Rhris River, leading onward to an oasis adorned with tamarisk trees. The journey culminates with days spent trekking alongside the meandering Tikertouachene River, before reveling in the triumph of reaching journey’s end in Ouarzazate.

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Prepare for a trek that is as demanding as it is rewarding—a transformative experience that will challenge your limits and leave an indelible mark on your soul.


23 – 30 November 2024

Sahara Desert, Morroco

8 Days


Cost of challenge:
£1860 per person plus the air tax and fuel element contribution (capped at £100.00)

Minimum sponsorship target:
£3,000 per person