Celebrating Joss' birthday

Joss Rowley-Stark is the inspiration behind The Lewis Moody Foundation. Today would have been Joss’ 20th birthday. Joss’ parents would like to share this:


“The 6th March 2017, would have seen our boy, our hero move out of his teens and become a 20 year old young man.  Sadly as we are all aware this is a birthday for memories rather than candles and celebrations.


In a few weeks’ time we will incredibly reach the 4th anniversary of the day he left us. We can only imagine just how proud he would be at all the amazing work that has gone on and continues to do so in his memory over that time.


The vast amounts of money and awareness that The Lewis Moody Foundation has now raised, via all the events that take place annually is amazing. In addition the Family Days that take place that give families an opportunity to create some fantastic memories together, as we know all too well as a family ourselves.


There are not enough words that can be said about our ‘Dynamic Duo’ namely Lewis and Annie Moody who lead the Foundation from the front every day.”


Lewis said “Five years ago I met Joss Rowley-Stark, a young man who changed my life. His infectious energy, humility and selflessness inspired me and Annie to start the Lewis Moody Foundation. To date Joss has helped us raise over half a million pounds which has gone towards helping and supporting young families that are affected by brain tumours.


Today would have been his 20th birthday. You are always in our thoughts Joss, Happy Birthday pal” 

Joss' parents have also shared one of their happy memories with us:

"On Joss' 16th Birthday Lewis gave him a present which we will treasure forever. Tickets for the Six Nations Game England Vs Italy. We were treated like VIP's all day. As we dined with Lewis in one of the Hospitality Boxes and then we sat cheering and commentating as we watched the game together.


It was a win, England 18 Italy 11, but our finale was yet to come as we were invited to the evenings Gala Dinner. Lewis had yet another amazing surprise for us, we were sat on the table with several of the England Team. All the excitement of the day was beginning to take its toll on Joss as he was tiring but he did not miss out as Lewis brought the England Players over to meet him.


Seeing the smile on Joss' face will never leave our hearts. The kindness and the care that Lewis had shown our boys and us as a family was truly overwhelming.


Through The Foundation special Family Days are now enjoyed by other families that face such uncertain times ahead. They too will be creating their own special memories which will stay locked safe in their hearts, just like ours are.


The Lewis Moody Foundation makes us feel like Joss is still around, making a difference to others. He would feel so proud.


So on this day 6th March we would like you to join us in wishing Joss a happy 20th Birthday."


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